A 1000 Days Makes All the Difference

The first 1000 days of life of a child is very important in overall development. How the can we optimize this short period?

Can Cesarean Section Affect Breastfeeding?

It is quite common to hear women who go through a cesarean section complain about not breastfeeding adequately or having

Yellow Baby: Jaundice in the Newborn

I believe that in the care of the newborn it is very important that everyone involved in the care of

Breastfeeding Basics: Breastfeeding Positions

Breastfeeding is a natural act, but like every other skill or natural act it needs to be practiced in order

DIY Breastfeeding Station: The Nigerian Mum’s Guide

There is one important thing I know about breastfeeding Which is you need to take your time when you want

Daddy Series: How to support your partner with Breastfeeding.

  New dads have a vital role to play in supporting their partners during breastfeeding. You might think well I

Breastfeeding Basics: Getting the Latch Right.

The average Nigerian woman decides to breastfeed or wants to breastfeed. I am not talking exclusively just breastfeeding in general

How To Increase Your Milk Supply With A Bowl Of Oatmeal.

Oats is a meal of nourishing goodness, bursting with lots of fibers. If you want to go on a diet

Baby Poop Milestones

  Baby poop milestones are basically the changes that occur or the progress with the stool of your baby as


  Oral rehydration therapy is the use of oral re hydration solution for the treatment of dehydration, dehydration can occur