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I am a young  Nigerian with a passion to see young people have a shame-free sexuality and lead healthy reproductive lives, Nigeria does not give a lot of access to information on reproductive health education and this affects the reproductive health of young Nigerians especially girls and women, this also affects their health-seeking behaviors and health during pregnancy and beyond.  Nigeria is one of the most dangerous places to be pregnant and be born.

To help reduce this burden this blog was birthed to give adequate current information on issues of sexual and reproductive health(maternal health inclusive) so no matter what stage of your reproductive years you are there is information to guide you at every point in time. If you don’t like to read we have a podcast to help you with that or you can join us during our quarterly safe space sexual health meetup where we say it all, no barriers, no judgment and it doesn’t end there we are going to have more coming up. There is also a directory on ReproHLag of places where you can find reproductive health services in Lagos both online and offline services.

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