Tina Tangi: Sexual health service

Living as a woman and worrying about everything and everybody else is the norm, but who worries about you and your reproductive health? Tina Tangi

Tina Tangi by Reprolife is a wellness service brand for Women by Women. We provide confidential, non-judgemental and quality sexual and reproductive health services and products. our current services include:

Contraception/Family Planning services

our contraception services come in packages specially designed to meet your contraception needs. We also focus on self-care services i.e you don’t always have to walk into a clinic for contraception services or follow-up except when necessary. Current contraception offerings include:

  1. Daily pills.
  2. 3-monthly Injectable
  3. 3 year Implant

Vaccination services

We offer vaccinations for vaccine-treatable sexually transmitted infections such as Hepatitis B infection and cervical cancer.

How to order a product/service.

It is quite easy.

  1. visit any of our social media profiles and send a message
  2. Send an email at Reprolifeng@gmail.com
  3. Tell us what service you want and we are ready to listen to you.

Visit our business on google https://g.page/TinaTangi?gt