Women’s Health

Anovulation: Infertile Menstruation

Today we see a lot of cases of infertility in Nigeria today, both young and old couples trying various means

How To Achieve Optimum Reproductive And Sexual Health

It’s the first week of the new year and individuals are setting goals and making resolutions for different things from

Hairstyles & Contraceptives 

As we have different hairstyles that make us look gorgeous and save ourselves from bad-hair-days so do we have contraceptives

Yikes! Its that time of the Month Again (Premenstrual Syndrome)

If there was something such as the “Queen Of PMS” I would most likely own that title every year back

Cervical Cancer Scare

The first time I heard of cervical cancer my thoughts were “na wa another cancer again” then I heard there

Preventing Tooth Infections During pregnancy

You know how they say everything changes when you get pregnant? They meant that literally, not leaving any part of

How To Survive Lagos Toilets Without Infections.

I was talking with a couple of friends recently and something brought up the toilet infection topic.  I actually found


  The joy of every woman is to carry her own baby. The emotional trauma and anxiety involved with infertility

A Nigerian lady and her contraceptive

Contraception is the order of the day and some might be wondering what is contraception?? Well…. Contraception or also known

Tips to maintaining a healthy vagina

First topic would be care of the vagina(a muscular hollow tube) ,to start from the basics which every female has,