How To Survive Lagos Toilets Without Infections.

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I was talking with a couple of friends recently and something brought up the toilet infection topic.  I actually found out that people were still having infections regularly and I was thinking in my head like I haven’t even had one episode of toilet infection in years, my last episode was like in secondary school that I remember and am actually not exaggerating this, so I thought to myself maybe I should just share my secrets so I came up with a few.

Rule number 1

Don’t trust any toilet. Always have it at the back of your mind any toilet can give you infection so don’t sit on it. I really don’t  care how neat and beautiful that toilet is I never sit on it except my toilet at home. You really never know what the last user is carrying.

Rule number 2

Understand the workings of your vulva area (the vulva is the outer part of the vagina that you see and feel). Know how your vulva reacts to moisture In the presence or absence of pubic hairs. Some people get uncomfortable when moisture is present on the panties and some don’t even feel it at all and with continuous retention of moisture your vaginal bacteria can decide to turn against you and end up with an infection.

Rule number 3

If you do have to sit on the toilet seat you need to ensure you have an antiseptic and lots of toilet paper. You clean the toilet seat with tissue and antiseptic, then baptize the water in the toilet with antiseptics, for example, Dettol (okay am exaggerating with baptizing just a cap or two is adequate). Ensure you pour from the sides into the toilet like how you pour harpic into the toilet when you want to wash it.

Then you line the toilet with toilet paper you put it in such a way that the uppermost part of the toilet paper is above the water (this prevents the splashing of water to your vulva area) the toilet paper literally cushions the fall of the feces.

Rule number 4

Try to train your bladder don’t just pee anywhere or open up your vulva to any toilet. The heat from some toilets can actually give you an infection so try to avoid them as much as possible. But if it is an emergency always have your tissue even if you can’t have access to any antiseptics. Toilet papers should be your best friend.


Rule number 5

Avoid consistent use of antibiotics. They are not friendly to your vaginal bacteria, antibiotics would kill both the friendly and offensive bacteria so antibiotics make you prone to even the mildest form of bacteria and cause an infection.

Use only when necessary. If you are pregnant you know you should avoid antibiotics except it was prescribed by your doctor and be sure your doctor knows you are pregnant so the safe antibiotics are prescribed.



The rules above would definitely work if you follow them but you also need to have some form of hygiene you practice because a lack of proper hygiene can also cause infection.

  • Avoid wearing a pant for 24 hours or more, meaning if you wear one in the morning make sure it doesn’t follow you to bed even if you are tired try to take it off and if you do sleep off because you are tired take it off first thing when you wake up.
  • When you urinate use water or toilet paper, some use both like I said in rule number 2 know your vulva to know which method would be most convenient for you.
  • I know this might be new to some people but it is worth the try, avoid using toilet soaps to clean the vagina; the vagina is self-cleansing so water is enough to clean up. Lately, with the growing incidence of vulva cancer, people are encouraged to actually avoid soap in that area, you don’t know what is in that soap and these days women don’t use mild toilet soaps they go for beauty enhancing ones, I don’t think you want that going in there.
  • Also, urinate after sexual intercourse. The urine would help to flush out any bacteria going up the urinary tract and after urinating you would want to clean up, so it helps in also taking out bacteria.


I hope these tips have been useful, share any tips to survive Lagos toilets without infections would love to hear from you.



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