Anovulation: Infertile Menstruation

Today we see a lot of cases of infertility in Nigeria today, both young and old couples trying various means to get the fruit of the womb and most times they have no idea on what seems to be the problem, sometimes it could be one of the couple or even both having issues with their fertility and these issues are not detected on time. Individuals only become conscious of it when trying to conceive and then they realize something is wrong.
Menstruation is seen as a sign of fertility but it is not always so, for pregnancy to occur an egg(ovum) has to be released every month and this process is called Ovulation, when ovulation is skipped and you menstruate you are not technically menstruating.
Anovulation is when a woman skips ovulation, and technically without ovulation pregnancy cannot occur.

Why would an Anovulatory cycle occur?

It is not uncommon for women to experience anovulation at a certain point in their reproductive years, two points which it is likely to occur are:
1) The start of menstruation(menarche), during this period menstruation is still irregular hence anovulation can occur during this period .
2) Women who are close to menopause, women between the ages of 40-50 years would experience a lot of hormonal changes hence anovulation can occur.
It occurs during this periods because of the series of hormonal changes that occur at this period.
There are other causes of anovulation which are :
1) High Levels of stress.
2) Extreme exercise habits.
3) Underweight or being Overweight.
4) Eating Habits.
If you have your menstrual cycle every 24-35 days you are likely ovulating.

How to Detect Anovulation

It is easy to detect Anovulation when having irregular periods or no periods at all, for some women it can be very hard to detect. It is usually noticed when trying to conceive and the doctor detects it. There are tests that can be done by the doctors such as checking the progesterone hormone levels, checking the endometrial lining( lining of the womb) and the presence of certain antibodies in the blood.


Treatment is dependent on the findings made by your doctor. If it caused by external influences such as lifestyle or nutrition, changes would have to be made to your eating habits, moderating exercising habits or making changes to your weight( either to gain or lose weight depends on your doctors). If it is caused by internal influences there are medications to help ripen the eggs and cause the ovaries to release an egg. Surgery also is another option in situation where a tumor is detected. Whatever treatment you have to undergo would be dependent on the findings of the doctor.
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