Hairstyles & Contraceptives 

As we have different hairstyles that make us look gorgeous and save ourselves from bad-hair-days so do we have contraceptives to prevent one from having an unwanted pregnancy.


Low-cut: low-cut is a comfortable hairstyle for many women because it is easy to maintain, not expensive, gentle on your scalp and convenient.

Daily Contraceptive Pills: using the daily contraceptive pills is like wearing your low-cut hair. When you use this method, you take one tablet daily to be protected from pregnancy all the time. Women like this method because it is easy to get, affordable, effective and safe. You can get pregnant quickly when you stop using it.


Wigs: women love wigs because it is the quickest way to get a lovely hairstyle whenever you want.  There are many interesting styles, so you can look like Rihanna or Beyonce. When worn correctly, your wig has two functions: for looking attractive and for protecting your natural hair from the sun and dust.

Condoms: using a condom is similar to wearing a wig because your man can wear it whenever you want to prevent pregnancy. Like wigs, console have so many interesting options( dotted, flavored, colored, etc…) so you can have a different yet pleasurable experience everytime you have sex. Condoms have two functions:

1) prevention of pregnancy.

2) preventing STD’s including HIV/AIDS.


Braids: if you want a hairstyle you can wear for one to three months, then an easy choice is braids. Although you might get a headache some days after making your braids, this ache soon stops, and the attractive look your braid gives you for months it worth it.

Contraceptive Injection: using a contraceptive injection(e.g Sayana press) is similar to wearing braids because it works for up to 3 months. Sayana Press is an example of an improved type that is a low dose and has a very small needle so it is not as painful as regular injections. This method is safe for many women and can give you e months freedom from unwanted pregnancy.


Donut Bun: is a cool way to improve your hairstyle in just a few minutes whether you have a party and wish to make your hair longer, fuller or more colorful. You do not need to go to a salon to fix clip on and you can remove it after use without visiting a salon.

Diaphragm: wearing a modern diaphragm like caya is as cool as wearing a clip-on. You insert it when you want to have sex and you take it out when you are done. Diaphragms do not contain hormones but unlike condoms, they do not protect you from STI’s you can wear it by yourself and you do not need to go to the hospital.


Locks: wearing locks is a good style for women who do not like to go to the salon often. This beautiful hairstyle can be worn for many years with only a few visits ti the salon from time to time.

Contraceptive Implants, IUDS/IUS

Using a contraceptive implant or IUD/IUS  also known as a coil is similar to wearing dreads because they can prevent pregnancy for many years(3 to 10years). These methods are safe, reliable and can be removed for you whenever you want and these methods can only be provided in the clinic/hospital. The difference between these 3 methods are:

Implants: is placed under the skin of your upper arm

-you can get pregnant as soon as it is removed.

IUDs (Coil) – do not contain hormones.

– it is placed in the womb.

– you can get pregnant as soon as it is removed.

IUS – it is placed inside the womb.

– you can get pregnant as soon as it is removed.


Scarf: sure, a scarf is not really a regular hairstyle, but it can save you from a bad-hair-day when you did not make a cute hairstyle or have a wig.

Emergency Contraceptive Pill

What if you have unprotected sex, there is still hope to prevent pregnancy. Like a scarf, an emergency contraceptive pill can save you from pregnancy if you take it quickly ( best used withing 12 hours).

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