How To Achieve Optimum Reproductive And Sexual Health

It’s the first week of the new year and individuals are setting goals and making resolutions for different things from business to school and health; this can be a perfectly good time to decide to create goals for your reproductive health. Just as we decide to lose weight in the new year or have a better approach to caring for ourselves mentally you can decide to also decide to care for your reproductive health.

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Reproductive health as defined by the World Health Organization is a state of physical, social and mental well-being and not merely the absence of diseases in all matters relating to the reproductive system which implies that people are able to have a responsible, satisfying and safe sex life and that they have the capability to reproduce and the freedom to decide if, when and how often to do so.

It might seem abstract or vague to you but there are little things you can do as a person to ensure that you maintain optimum reproductive health.
1) The first step to achieving optimum reproductive health is identifying your reproductive organs.
This might seem ridiculous but try it and ensure you identify all your reproductive organs not leaving anyone out including your breasts.

2) Get familiar with them

Once you have Identified your reproductive organs get familiar with them.  know how your breasts feel, how does it look, are all the structures that are meant to be there present, how the structure of your vulva(external genitalia) is, how do you feel when you are on your period, do you ovulate? What is the color or smell of your vaginal discharge is it normal? Just get familiar with it all, what this does is that when there is a small change from the normal you can tell immediately see your healthcare provider.

3) Take Charge of your Fertility

Decide when you want to get and pregnant and when you are not ready to get pregnant prevent it. Find a method that suits you, go for Contraceptives , use condoms or the natural family planning methods you just have to know your options. You can get a family planning method in Primary health centers in Lagos. This prevents you from getting an unwanted pregnancy and having an unsafe abortion(Abortions are only a life-saving procedure in Nigeria) and unsafe abortions are quite dangerous too.

4) Go for screenings, tests and carry out self-examinations.

Go for Cervical Cancer Screening, get vaccinated, know your HIV status(it is free in Primary Health Centres), see a gynecologist, carry out your breast self-examination monthly, Do a vulvar examination or testicular examination, ensure you are free from STD’s get tested. Most Reproductive health issues don’t easily manifest on time hence get examined and tested

Photo Credit: NHS.UK

5) Last but not the least, practice safe sex.

Use condoms, there are different types, flavors, and sizes in the market to suit you and your partner. Flavored, glow in the dark, Xl sizes, ultra-thin( they are actually super thin doesn’t feel like you have anything on). Protect yourself from STD’s and get tested, also stop unnecessary use of antibiotics it just complicates everything.
These little things would go a long way to improve your reproductive health.

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