The fit preggo: basics of exercise in pregnancy


Exercise does a lot of wonders during pregnancy and  with lots of benefits to the expectant mother. Exercise improves mood (which I can attest to), sleep and helps to relieve aches and pain . Exercising and staying active during pregnancy  makes it much easier to get in shape after your baby is born. The main aim of exercise in pregnancy should be to maintain or slightly improve your level of fitness provided there are no contraindications. There are some basic things you should know about about exercising in pregnancy:
1) you should not undertake new vigorous exercise , which could make you too warm, tired or breathless.
2) if you a regular exerciser it is advisable to reduce the intensity and duration of your training as pregnancy progresses.
3) when you exercise you should maintain a moderate level of exercise( a moderate level is that intensity which can be maintained while able to carry out a conversation).
4) 30 minutes or more of moderate exercise a day on most, if not all, days of the week is recommended in pregnancy.


  Some basic exercises that can be done include swimming (it makes you feel very light).
-walking .
-gym based exercises such as static bicycle, treadmill.
– Energetic sports like jogging , cycling, dancing .
N.b : sports that pose a potential threat to your safety and that of your baby should be avoided.

So if you thinking of what exercise to do and you not sure just turn on your favorite playlist and dance for 30 minutes or take a walk , you would be glad you did.

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