21 reasons why to breastfeed.


1) breast milk provides the perfect nutrition for infants.
2) breastfeeding promotes binding between mother and baby.
3) breast milk contains immunities to diseases and acids in the development of baby’s immune system.
4) breast milk is more digestible than formula.
5) breast milk is always ready and comes in a nicer package than formula.
6) suckling helps mother by helping to shrink the uterus(womb) after birth.
7) breastfeeding helps the mother lose weight after baby is born.
8) not breastfeeding increases the mother’s risk of breast cancer, ovarian cancer.
9) breastfeeding decreases maternal chances of osteoporosis later in life .
10) breastfeeding is a natural contraceptive.
11) breastfeeding protects baby from diarrhea.
12) breastfeeding results in less sick day for parents.
13) breastfeeding enhances vaccine effectiveness.
14) breast milk is free and breastfeeding is economical.
15)breastfed babies are healthier overall.
16)formula feeding is associated with lower IQ’s.
17) breast milk is the perfect food for a sick baby.
18) there is more sleep for mum, dad and baby.
19)fresh breast milk is never contaminated with bacteria.
20) better cognitive and social development.
21) and lastly breastfed babies smell fantastic

I could go on but I promised 21 🙂 keep breastfeeding!!

Florence Folami, Lori Fey .101 reasons to breastfeed.St mary’s hospital, Decatur illnois.


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