baby-bluesChildbirth can be quite  exhausting and depending on how your birth experience was could be less exhausting, the first few days after the birth of your baby also are all excited and happy, but suddenly something happens you just become tearful over it , and this is something you know on a normal day you won’t react with tears  even when you have a very supportive partner and you are wondering what is happening? you probably have baby blues. Baby blues also known as postnatal blues consist of a transient period of depression that occurs during the first few days of pueperium.  It involves a range of feedings you may experience between the 3rd -10th day after your baby is born. The feelings you may experience would include being tearful, irritable, mood changes, fatigue, anxiety, anorexia, difficulty sleeping and feelings of sadness or loneliness.

It is thought to be caused by a number of factors such as sudden changes in hormone levels, after birth, unexpected discomfort from breast engorgement and birth pain, adjustment to parenthood and sleep deprivation. The postpartum blues usually resolves naturally within 10-14 days. But if they persist or if symptoms worsen, the woman may need evaluation for postpartum depression.


First thing is identifying baby blues.  some women if not most women in Nigeria don’t know that they have baby blues and may just continue to be in that sour mood and it can get worse.

Talk to your partner or a good friend about how you feel.

Get plenty of rest.

Ask your partner, friends and family for help.

Get out of the house everyday, even if it is just for a short while.

Join a new mother’s group  or online support communities  and share your feelings with the women you meet. this can be quite helpful.


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