infant colic.jpgThere is nothing more distressing to a parent than a cranky, irritable and crying baby,  Infant colic is manifested by persistent, unexplained, inconsolable crying, that can continue for several hours each day, often occurring in the evening,among  yorubas  it is called COLI(pronounce with a Yoruba accent). Colic can be a source of distress for many parents especially when the baby does not respond to usual methods of soothing. It can occur by 2-3 weeks of age and it can continue until the infant is 4-6 months of age .The cause of colic is still a mystery to many but some believe it to be gastrointestinal in nature, some believe it to be caused by gas, a developing nervous system or a moody baby.

One thing you should know however is that  there is no particular method to resolve infant colic, it usually resolves on its own by 4-6 months. To help in soothing your baby it is best to try one method of soothing before you try another and see which best works for your baby. If you are having concerns about colic you can see your doctor to help you rule out medical causes for your baby’s irritation.

Other things that can make your baby fussy or irritable include:

-An infection

-Stomach problems or acid reflux.

-Eye trouble , like a scratch.

– Injury to the bones or fingers.



Ensure to try one at a time to know which would soothe your baby:

  • Changes in the amount and type of infant stimulation such as putting baby to sleep in a quiet, low-lighted room or dark room.
  • Rocking of your baby
  • Also you can try massaging your baby.



First thing to know is that colic does resolve on time just takes a few months , this would prepare you mentally for how long it might take. You should know it is fine for you to leave your baby to lay safely in the crib and leave to take a break , you shouldn’t feel guilty and nothing would happen to your baby so take a break for a while and come back to your baby.

You should seek support from family and friends or wherever you can get support to help you during this period.

Worry less your baby would grow and develop properly regardless of the colic.


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