This is the final post on the diarrhea series this month, the past two weeks has been about how to prevent diarrhea and the use of oral rehydration therapy to prevent dehydration in children, this post like I promised last week is the oral rehydration therapy with the use of the ORS sachet. This method too is as easy as the salt sugar solution if not easier because you don’t have to measure and its already mixed all you need to do is put in water. I would show you a step by step method on how to prepare using the ORS sachet. The precautions and how to use applies to this method also, so you might have to read last week’s HERE post if you missed it to get all the bits of information.


  • 1 ORS sachet
  • Clean drinking water (recently boiled or EVA bottled water) 1liter.
  • Clean bowl with lid to prepare the mixture.



-Wash your hands with soap and clean water and dry your hands.

-Get your water and measure 1 liter of water using any of the various measuring methods I mentioned in the last post, then put to boil; if using clean bottled water use the Eva bottle method and empty the water to the top of the label.

img_20170104_170316_edited2b the Eva bottle method.

-pour the boiled  water into the clean bowl and allow to cool


– Add the contents of the Ors sachet into the water and mix till salts dissolve.

– The ORS is ready to use. The ORS I used is orange flavored, hence the orange color. It doesn’t taste so nice the flavor helps to mask the taste a little.


I hope the diarrhea series has been helpful if it was I would love to know.

Sharing excites me please do share this with others this could save a child.

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