5 Things No One Tells You Before Going To The Labor Room.

Photo Credit: www.wellnesshealthcare.com.ng
  1. Screaming doesn’t relieve the pain: This might be hard to believe but screaming does not help that much, it only takes all your energy. You need all the energy you can get to push that baby so avoid screaming if you can.
  2. Breathe!! If you get to the labor room and your contractions come in you would hear your midwife tell you to breathe in and out. Breathing helps a lot with the pain trust me on this. But for it to be very effective you have to practice your breathing before you get to the labor room, also consider yoga, yoga makes you conscious of your breathing so it helps when you need those breathes.
  3. Get someone to give backrubs a support person. If you are lucky your midwife can give you back rubs or you can get a doula or your partner can help with giving back rubs because when the contractions kick in hard you need all the back rubs you can get. 
  4. Learn your pushing techniques:  Do not push till its time. A lot of women especially first time mothers push before its time to push and end up with a cervical tear. Always listen to your midwife she would tell you when to push. Learn a pushing technique in order to push effectively  don’t waste those contractions.
  5. Save your energy for the big push. Last but not the least save your energy for the big push. 

    Avoid screaming, breathe, get back rubs, push effectively and always save your energy for the big push and you are sure to have a wonderful birth experience.

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