10 Nutritious Fruits to Eat and Avoid in Pregnancy.

10 Nutritious Fruits to Eat During Pregnancy


fruits contain more vitamins than vegetables. Most fruits are exceptionally cleansing and alkalizing, helping to eliminate toxins from the body and to regulate the digestive system by improving the body’s ability to absorb nutrients. Here are 10 amazing locally available fruits to try  during pregnancy if you haven’t:

AVOCADOS: a high source of folate than other fruits good source of potassium, vitamin B, K, fiber, magnesium, iron, calcium, zinc, and potassium.

ORANGES:  they are highly nutritious and filled with bursting goodness of vitamin c. It is a good source of folate and vitamin c. it prevents brain and spinal cord defects and helps with the absorption f iron.

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BANANAS: good source of potassium, folic acid, calcium, carbohydrate, iron, magnesium, vitamin B2 and c, fiber. Helps in relieving leg cramps, good fiber relives constipation.

APPLES:  Good source of folate, calcium, iron, carbohydrate, fiber, vitamin A, B3, E, K, C, and potassium. It lowers high cholesterol levels and regulates digestive function.

WATERMELON: good source of vitamin c, A, b6, magnesium, potassium. It helps with hydration, rich in fiber, ward of uneasy feeling during morning sickness, reduces heartburn

SOURSOP: relieves nausea, boosts the immune system, helps with digestion, production of breast milk during the 3rd trimester.



MANGOES: rich in antioxidants, potassium, and fiber. Helps to regulate digestion, relieve constipation and relieve the minor infection.

UBE(AFRICAN PEAR) : vitamin d, ascorbic acid, calcium, folic acid, magnesium and vitamin c.

GARDEN EGGS: contains fiber, potassium, magnesium, copper, vitamin b6, folate, magnesium and cucumber.

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It is recommended to eat 2 to 5 serving of fruits. One serving is a medium piece of whole fruit.


There are two fruits that should be taken with caution during pregnancy:

Pineapple: pineapples are rich in bromelain which when taken in large quantities can soften the cervix often leading to early labor, hence it should be eaten with caution.

Unripe pawpaw: unripe pawpaw contains a latex substance that may cause contractions of the uterus.  Ensure the pawpaw is ripe when you want to eat it.

Precautions when eating fruits

  • Remove any bruised areas where bacteria may lurk.
  • Avoid precut melons or eat immediately after cutting.
  • Store fresh fruit in the refrigerator away from raw meat.


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