8 Danger Signs to Look Out For During Pregnancy.

8 Danger Signs To Look Out For During Pregnancy..png

Pregnancy is a very critical and sensitive period, it is very important that expectant mothers are aware of the things that can be a threat to their well-being and that of the baby. There are certain signs one has to be conscious of during pregnancy and they are referred to as danger signs.
Danger signs as the name implies are signs that occur during pregnancy that alerts an expectant mother about impending danger to the health and well-being of her and the baby. It is important that once you notice these danger signs you visit the nearest clinic or get in touch with your health provider as soon as possible.

1) Bleeding at any trimester of pregnancy.
2) Persistent severe headache, Swollen feet, and abdominal pain
3) Fever/ Increased body temperature.
4) Dizziness and excessive tiredness.
5)Contractions early in the third trimester
6) Decline in fetal Kicks
7) Foul smelling Vaginal discharge.
8) Severe Nausea and Vomiting.

Note: It is very important that if you notice any of these signs you inform your health care provider immediately.

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