5 Myths On Menstrual Cramps(Dysmenorrhea)


Menstrual cramps can be the most annoying thing to happen to a lady, I remember a time I used to pray to skip my periods (I think it worked or it was just psychology) and I did miss my periods. I was always excited because it’s a month free of pain and misery for me.

My Favourite person in secondary school was my school nurse Mrs. Damola(not real name) she always alleviated my pain If only I knew I was going to end up being a nurse back then and alleviate other people’s pains. If she was not on duty I was always sad, I missed her terribly when I left secondary school I had to take care of myself most of the time. Anyways, in my years of having cramps I heard a lot of stuff to end menstrual pain some I tried, some Nah I never tried I wasn’t that spontaneous growing up so I would share some I heard of:

Don’t use drugs it natural bear the pain

Haa! I have a story for this one. So one day my male friend told me “ try not use any drug for your next period so you don’t get too used to taking drugs you should bear the pain” so I felt like a weak person and I thought yeah sure next time I won’t use any drug so I didn’t get any drugs lucky for me I was home for the weekend my period came and yes your lucky guess I regretted it lool, I was in pain all over and I was vomiting all over. I got to the school the next week and threatened him to never give me such advice again and I never tried that again.

Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise you don’t deserve to be in pain you are not any less of a woman or lazy if you don’t want the pain find a means of relief.

Have sex it stops menstrual cramps

LOOL Jokes! I never tried this I got warned early by someone who did and she was still having cramps after, some would say have orgasms to alleviate the menstrual pain I still don’t agree till I find someone who proves me wrong. So this isn’t true!

Stop taking sugar it would stop

Joke Number two! Lool I remember that I avoided sugar one month and yet somehow I didn’t have cramps(psychology I guess) the second month I tried it epic fail lool, and I gave up. My mother always made me drink Agbo because of Cramps(still hate it ) didn’t help my matter well I kept taking it till I told my mother that Agbo causes Kidney disease lool it worked for me. I cannot say cutting sugars is true or false but it didn’t work for me.

Don’t use Buscopan it will dilate your cervix

Buscopan actually helps relax smooth muscles so don’t get scared about the whole dilation thing, if it does dilate it will go back to its original size and since you are not pushing a baby out it’s not going to widen up like you think in your head. I actually never used buscopan for years because of this lol.


If you know any other myths I would love to hear in the comments section.

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