Condom use Negotiation

I have come to realize lately that there is power in sexuality you are probably wondering in just sexuality what kind of power can possibly be there? So I thought too, most times when women say they do not feel equal or have a say in matters you hear things like ” but these women know how to get us in our weak points, so they are powerful”, well lets say I agree with that; both sexes have agreed to get between the sheet the sexual responsibility comes in to either prevent pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections.

One party decides I don’t want to get infected or transmitted and wants to use a condom but the other party disagrees what then happens? I purposely didn’t state that its men that don’t want to use condoms as some women also don’t want to use condoms or their partners to use condoms. People find themselves in situations like this and don’t know how to come out of it or protect themselves and then something eventually happens which could have been prevented if only we knew how to negotiate effectively condom use.

Condom use Negotiation is life skill and it’s the ability of a person to adequately convince a partner to use condoms in order to practice safe sex.

The international planned parenthood offered some line to help negotiate condom use better

Here are some lines you could use to persuade a partner to use a condom:

She says, “I’m on the pill, don’t worry.”
You say, “I trust you. But I want to protect both of us just in case.”

He says, “We already did it without a condom once.”
You say, “And that was a mistake. I worried about being pregnant all month!”

She says, “What — a condom? Are you trying to say that I’ve cheated on you?”
You say, “I trust you. I use condoms because I care about you, and me, and our future together.”

He says, “I always pull out in time, don’t worry.”
You say, “I know, but when we use a condom you don’t have to pull out. It can feel even better.”

She says, “I can’t feel anything when you wear a condom.”
You say, “That’s awful! Let’s wait then and try another brand or size that fits me better and some special ‘warming’ lubricant tomorrow.”

He says, “I can’t keep a hard on with a condom.”
You say, “I can’t relax and enjoy sex without a condom. So I’ll help you stay hard.”

According to the international planned parenthood federation Every hour of every day around the world, two young people are infected with HIV.

Don’t add to the stats instead be safe and reduce the stats.

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