4 Ways To Prevent Painful Menstruation

I got a request from my post of 5 myths of painful menstruation to give effective measures for dysmenorrhea and why it works. As the queen of Dysmenorrhea (Yeah! I gave myself the title) I have had months I wished for oblivion and some other months I just went about my business like nothing happened( best moments) I would share different measures that are effective and why it works, you should, however, know that bodies differ hence some might work and some might not.

What is the cause of dysmenorrheal?

Menstruation they say is the tears of a disappointed uterus, the uterus tries to eliminate all the built-up blood in preparation of a fertilized ovum. In the absence of a fertilized ovum, the blood supply is reduced hence all the built-up endometrium begins to die and shed off.

The uterus is composed of smooth muscles in order for the blood to be shed the muscles contract in order to shed it off and this is done in the presence of prostaglandins and this hormone is present also during childbirth hence the pain. It can also be due to a uterus that is tilted backward, lack of exercise, stress, and being overweight. some measures include:
1) Warm Bath: you can never go wrong with a warm bath, never heard of anyone it didn’t work for though. If you can have a soak in a warm bath lovely if you have to use a bucket and a bowl it would work just make sure the water is warm. How does it work? Heat dilates the blood vessels in the uterus and allows for easy flow of blood out.
2) Exercise: believe it or not this works, works the same way as heat works increase
3) Hot water bottle/hot tea: if you cannot take anything in just stick with a hot water bottle.
4) NSAIDS: this is the last resort but it works every time, I stopped cause it seemed like it wasn’t working anymore its either I was buying the fake drug or it wasn’t working again. But the simple trick to it was I started using pain relief before I start my period and begin to experience symptoms, usually before you start your period you start cramping or having other symptoms begin to use it then when the period finally comes the symptoms are little or none at all.

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