Reprolife 5-Step Guide To Sex readiness

First time sex can be nerve breaking, but how do you know you are ready to take this big step? This 5-step guide would prepare it for it.
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Deciding to engage in sexual activity is a big decision which you don’t just delve into (some might not agree). You don’t want to be that person who gets stuck with a  pregnancy after one attempt at sex with someone you might not like or enjoy sex with. There are some things to consider before getting engaged sexually with another person, which are:

  • Be aware you can get pregnant by having sex just once. So get familiar with ways to avoid getting pregnant such as the use of contraceptives. Explore your options and find that which suits you.  It’s totally normal to feel uncomfortable talking about it, but you’ll feel better once you start talking trust me, the best time to talk about safer sex is BEFORE you start having sex.

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  • Be aware of the sexually transmitted infections(STI’s) out there, STI’s are not a good thing and no one will tell you they have an STI (most times they don’t even know they have one). So protect yourself and use condoms, be assertive, no condoms no sex or better still try and get yours and have in your bag so you are ready.
  • Know why you are having sex, hoping to get that big orgasm you hear about or read in the novels of mills and boons or harlequin you are about to be disappointed cause you might not get so lucky. Sex is like fine wine that gets better as it ages, depending also on your lover.
  • Be conscious of your reproductive health. Have that one friend you can trust who won’t judge you and let her/him know about any challenges you are having. They can be very helpful and you can help each other. It helps to know you aren’t going through something alone.
  • Maintain good vaginal hygiene. Know how your body works, get familiar with that area, it’s not going to bite. know when your vagina smells horrible or how your discharge looks, when something is different you would detect on time.

If it isn’t your first time of having sex, you have a new sexual partner, it is still very important and relevant to protect yourself. There are some questions to ask your new sexual partner before you get in between the sheets:

  • When was the last time you were tested for STDs?
  • Which STDs were you tested for?
  • Do you usually use condoms and/or dental dams?
  • Have you ever shared needles with someone for tattoos, piercings, or drugs? (You can get some STDs like HIV this way, and then they can be passed during sex.)
  • Have you had any STDs before? Which ones? Did you get them treated?
  • what are you comfortable with in bed?

If your partner won’t get tested or use protection, it may be a red flag that your relationship isn’t healthy. When someone refuses to have safer sex when you want to, it means your health isn’t important to them — so they might not be the best person to have a relationship with or to have sex with.

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