We Should All Be Sexually Responsible.

We Should All Be Sexually Responsible

Ayo and Joshua are two young people who want to meet up and have a rump in the sack(I mean sex), as expected Joshua does the chasing Ayo is interested but due to the Nigerian factor she acts like she isn’t interested, eventually agrees to meet up with him at his house. They meet up and they ended up having sex Joshua didn’t have a condom, Ayo didn’t bring a condom along either.  Oops!!!

So this can spiral into different outcomes

  • Ayo gets pregnant if she wants to keep the baby this means she might have to halt a lot of things going on in her life such as school / she decides to terminate the pregnancy and ends up having an unsafe abortion can bleed to get or get an infection from the unsafe abortion
  • Ayo or Joshua gets infected with an STI such as gonorrhea, Chlamydia or HIV
  • Joshua also has a baby to care for if she decides to keep the baby and he is just starting his life.


The question now is were Ayo and Joshua sexually responsible? this scenario is not so far-fetched from the average young person in Nigeria.


What Is Sexual Responsibility?

Sexual responsibility means making informed decisions and safer sex choices (including abstinence). Being sexually responsible involves respecting your partner, having open communication about all forms of sexual activity, as well as taking precautions against sexually transmitted infections (STIs), HIV, and unplanned pregnancy.  It also means being conscious of the consequences involved with sex and making conscious efforts to avoid these consequences by having safer sex.


What Are the Components of safe sex?

  • Understanding your choice to be sexually active: why are you having sex is what you should think about, am I having sex because I feel pressured or threatened? Am I being coerced? Ensure you are having sex for the right reasons.
  • Being informed on sexuality, sexual health, and the components of a healthy relationship
  • Having the ability to communicate with your partner, which includes receiving consent every time you engage in sexual activity with your partner, negotiate condom use.
  • Taking extra precautions to protect yourself and your partner from STIs, HIV, and unplanned pregnancy


If Ayo and Joshua were responsible sexually the outcome would have been one:  They would both have enjoyed sex and moved on with their various lives with no complications of pregnancy or STI/HIV. Imagine if we were all sexually responsible no issues of STI, unwanted pregnancies would be reduced drastically and we won’t worry about women undergoing unsafe abortions.

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