How not to have an Abortion

What do you do in a place with restrictive abortion laws? How do you avoid getting pregnant?
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Abortions is a very sensitive topic to be discussed in Nigeria which a lot of people shy away from because of various reasons mostly religious reasons, it is still however occurring. In Nigeria abortions are illegal except in a case where the life of the woman has to be saved, hence, it’s tagged a life saving procedure. In other countries there are different Abortion laws with the various conditions. One would think that as religious as Nigeria is plus the abortion law in place the abortion rate would be low,

well I found it’s quite the opposite it is very high. It was discovered that a small Local government area in Nigeria 800 abortions took place in a span or 3 months that is approximately 8-9 abortions occurred daily for 3 months. I need you to understand that this is one Local government area out of many and also this number is for women that actually go to a place to get an abortion, the unsafe abortions are unaccounted for because they are carried out in homes and places you do not want to think off and many women die from unsafe abortions using different traditional and dangerous methods.

The Most Unskilled Abortionist of all is the woman herself.

-Women and Their Bodies.

Carrying out an abortion in unsafe places or in an unsafe manner has its consequences from uterine adhesion to infections such as pelvic inflammatory disease, excessive blood loss which can lead to death. The pain of going through one in itself is quite painful and one would think that a lady wouldn’t want to go through such pain but women are left with little or no choice on how to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancies. There are a lot of fears, myths and talks surrounding the use of contraceptives hence the low uptake of contraceptives, contraceptives have lots of benefits and when you listen to women who are currently on a certain contraceptive method they always encourage its use and how beneficial it has been to them. Women who don’t like it have either never used it, didn’t get it from the right provider, gave up after the first method that didn’t suit them or some just don’t like it for no reason, some women don’t know the options they have, some have partners who do not want them using a family planning method, all of these barriers cause women to take extreme dangerous methods to get an abortion, some include the use of antibiotics, purgatives, hormonal drugs, acidic substances which are dangerous to the health of the woman and most times do not even abort the pregnancy.

Secret to contraceptive use is no one method doesn’t fits all.

Condoms would have been a good alternative to avoid pregnancy but the challenge to that is poor condom use and inability of partners to negotiate condom use a lot of people do not like use of condoms due to what they have heard about condoms reducing pleasure but one must find a way to prevent pregnancy so how then do we protect ourselves from getting pregnant?

  • Abstain from sex
  • Use a condom, learn to negotiate condom use. I have post on negotiating condom use and how to get pleasure from using condoms.
  • Get a contraceptive method that suits you: Secret to contraceptive use is one method doesn’t suit all, if you want to use a method go for it don’t let anyone discourage you. If you do not like a method you can always go back to see your provider and try another method, some don’t get a method that suits them till after the second try so don’t give up.

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