Protection with Pleasure: Condom use.

Condoms have a dual function of protecting against sexually transmitted infection and pregnancy. knowledge of this does not mean more people use condoms. one major barrier to condom-use include reduced pleasure along with other issues.  Condoms come in different sizes and designs just to satisfy the pleasure needs of people and the issues encountered with condom use can be solved.

You can use a condom and still enjoy sex even more than skin-to-skin. How? I will share with you.

  • Talk to your partner on condom use

we need to talk2Communication is very important in any relationship, if you are not communicating in your relationship, what are you doing? Communicating prior to sex even makes it more fun; you and your partner know how to make it pleasurable. Tell your partner “let’s try a condom” , if he or she asks why you should state the advantages of using a condom; you love them and don’t want them going through any stress or trauma because of an STI or pregnancy.

  • Ladies, buy the condom

I know this is weird for some but trust me this works. If your partner decides not to get the condom as an excuse not to use one, be your own insurance policy by buying the condom. You have both you and your partner covered.

  • Put the rubber on it/ put the condom on the penis

Every minute of sex should be fun, why don’t you spice up those few awkward moments of looking left-right while waiting for him to wear a condom by wearing the condom for him. If he loses an erection while wearing a condom on, work that magic with your hands and wear the condom for him. Don’t be shy!

  • We need more Lubes.

Another rule to improve condom pleasure is lubrication,  can never be too much. Lubes and condoms when combined together makes sex more pleasurable and better (for me rice and beans). For increased sensation put a few drops of lube in the condom before wearing it, after wearing it, add some more lube. Slide in safely and get all the pleasure you can.

Note: use water-based lubes only with condoms.

  • There is a reason fruit salad was discovered.

fruit salad.gif

Fruit salad ensures you eat all the fruit you want all at the same time and means you are not bored with the same taste and its a burst of flavors. Variety is the spice of life, sticking to routines can be so boring. This applies to sex, spice up your sex life try different condoms and Look for one that works for you, there are lots of condoms to pick from; glow in the dark, black, ultrathin/Featherlite, flavored, dotted, ribbed, the list is endless. Experiment with all, be adventurous and find that which suits you.

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